Cleaning Responsibly: Earth Day Swaps

Cleaning Responsibly: Earth Day Swaps

April is Earth Month!! Well, Earth Day is April 22; so, we can celebrate all month-long right? We all try our best to conscientiously celebrate all year long. There are many things that we can do to make our lives a little more sustainable when we are on this earth. My time at Northland College (an environmental college), really opened my eyes to small ways that we can change how we live to make our impact on this planet, as minimal as possible.

For me, changing to all-natural products was a major lifestyle change that I decided to do. Commercial products have many chemicals that can harm us. They also have an adverse effect on the environment. I didn’t care for that much, and, investigated making more sustainable and impact-lessening changes. All-natural medicine, cleaning products, and body care products became my obsession. This month, we are running a few sales to jump-start you on your journey of the Earth saving lifestyle too!

If you are a fan of our store, you have probably already made the decision that you would like to live a more eco friendly lifestyle. We have helped by providing sustainably grown and harvested herbs and remedies.

Natural cleaning scrubs for your home

We have two great classes this month to go with this theme. I’ll be teaching my All-Natural Cleaning Products Class on April 1st, where you will get to make a cleaning spray for you to take home and start that spring cleaning with.

a vessel burning sage

Our next class will be on cleansing the air we breathe with the Cleansing Bundle/Vessel Class where you will learn the benefits of burning herbs and get to make your own herb bundle to take home. All month long we will have our locally harvested Cedar Smudge Bundles on sale for $3!!!

This month's SALE will be on Dryer Balls! I learned early on, that chemicals from our laundry treatments, stay on our clothes and can find their way to seep into our skin. So, I started making my own all-natural laundry soap, and then discovered wool dryer balls for the dryer. I add essential oil to them and will never go back to a chemically fragranced commercial dryer sheet. What do dryer balls do? They work by bouncing around in the dryer and helping to separate your clothes, which allows hot air to circulate more evenly and efficiently. This can help to reduce drying time, save energy, and prevent static cling. Wool dryer balls can also help to soften your clothes by fluffing them up as they tumble around in the dryer.


Plantain is our Herb of the Month. We picked it for Earth month for many reasons. For one, the element associated with it is Earth (probably because it is so close to the Earth). This is an herb that you can find in every yard and pretty much anywhere that you find yourself, like where you might need some quick natural first aid. Plantain is like an all-natural band-aid. It is a small plant with broad leaves. It is nutritious and can be eaten in the spring in salads as a spring tonic for the digestive system and an organ tonifier; but, what we really love it for is its ability to heal wounds on the spot.


For this we make a spit poultice. Simply pick a leaf, chew on it for a bit and then put your poultice (masticated leaf) onto your cut, bee sting, or mosquito bite. This herb is one of the main ingredients in our Super Salve which is also on sale this month. We are encouraging our wonderful customers to buy the big jar and save the plastic of all the little containers with a $5 off savings on our family sized 4 oz. jar.


Finally, our Bulk Herb Sale. While some people do bring in their own jars for filling from our Herb Wall, we are doing a one-day sale (on earth Day) encouraging you all to bring in your own jars to fill instead of the plastic baggies that we normally use.

We are also rolling out a New Product! Our all-natural deodorant now comes in a refillable container and we have 8 oz refills for it!!

Have a great April, enjoy some warmer weather, and think of different ways that you can start living a more earth-friendly lifestyle.

Happy Spring and future Earth Days to everyone,



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