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A fast expanding small business that started in Wisconsin's back yard, we are Aurora's Apothecary. Bringing the most pure forms of herbs, teas, tinctures, and topicals, to help with maintaining your body. Started over 15 years ago now by Mrs. Melissa Adlebush (Mrs. Aurora Herself) who has been a practicing herbalist for over 35 years. Certified from "Something Special from WI", State Certified production facilities, and the NIRC Truth in Labeling Pledge holder, the secrets of plants are what we love to share.


Are you looking for a more natural way to live but not quite sure where to start? The experts at Aurora’s Apothecary offer valuable expertise and an endless supply of homegrown, handmade items for any occasion. Whether you’re in the market for custom hand-blended teas, or 100 percent pure essential oils, they have a vast inventory and endless possibilities.


Our shop offers herbal supplements, incense resin and cones or sticks, and a full variety of other natural products.  Almost all of our ingredients and inventory are sourced from herbal specialists, who have grown and processed the items in our labs. Whether you need an insect repellant, headache relief or a natural way to relax, the friendly staff at Aurora’s Apothecary will point you toward a product that will provide the effect you want. From elderberry cough syrup to sleep tinctures, they have a bit of everything.


Beyond helping you meet your hollistic needs, we also offer courses and events to help further your knowledge of alternative medicine. Courses such as a six-month herbal education class that meets every other week will help you explore the power that natural remedies can have in your life. Learn about local and familiar herbs so you can better understand what you’re putting into your system.