Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, or cultural attributes of....Black Tourmaline

Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, or cultural attributes of....Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline’s Kismet: “The rainy season is upon us. The stones must be charged with the lightning. Quick, gather them.” A man looked down to his daughters as they approached the burial mounds of the family’s departed ones. Each had a black tower sitting atop where the head of their loved ones now dwelt. The girls ran about with leather satchels slung from their shoulders and grabbed each rock. The different shapes they would have to remember the placement of, for when they were brought back.

“If they are gone, why do they need to be charged?” the smaller girl asked before starting. “This is a part of the pukamani, the ritual that honors them. Go on, your tidda is getting ahead of you!” The younger then looked and saw how behind she was. “Leave some for me!” she cried. They went about collecting them all and once they were done, they trailed behind the man and went East as clouds rolled in.

In the distance, they could see the giant sandstone, Uluru, coming up. “So why do the kumanjayi need these back? We each have our own we carry all the time. Were these theirs?” The older girl asked with curiosity in her voice. “Well, you know how when you were born, you got yours right? Recite for me why you have them.” The man requested. Almost in perfect sync, the girls spoke back. “The same way we clear a rock from a field, the shield stone protects us from harm. It absorbs energy and connects us with the Earth. It repels the curses others would use to harm me, and brings me balance. Vitality, confidence, and positivity to overcome any situation are it’s whim that we follow and value.”


“So when you rub them, you know they become drawn to the Earth even more. That is the energy you are creating. It is good and hopeful. We take the tourmaline to be charged by the lightning, for that is our kumanjayi’s hands now from the other world. They touch them and charge them with their hopes for us to carry forward.” The girls looked at each other and realized they had stopped walking. With a light in their eyes and a mischievous grin, they yelled in the other’s face, “RACE YOU” and took off towards Uluru while the man just roared with laughter.

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