Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, or cultural attributes of...Sodalite

Stone Stories: The use, origin, myth, or cultural attributes of...Sodalite

Sodalite’s Solace- “She loves blue, I know that much. It matches her eyes. This would match them perfectly. She likes heart shapes too so that is a bonus.” A young boy looked through the stones with his $10 bill in hand. “Remember, that’s all you have to spend from what you earned from chores,” a woman gently chastised him, stroking his hair.

“What are you looking at buddy? That one is pretty. Why choose that shape?” The little boy looked up and blinked quite hard while thinking. He answered. “It is for someone in class who is sad sometimes. Mom, she gets teased for wearing glasses and skirts all the time. The glasses are big and she hates them. I like them on her though. It makes her eyes bigger and I saw how blue they were and it matched this stone color! I want her not to be sad about other people not liking her over something dumb because I like her just fine!”


“Well, let’s look in our book and see what else it can tell her,” his mother said pulling a book out of her purse. She flipped to the index and then the page where the meaning was and read aloud. “It says here that Sodalite is a communication stone that helps people accept themselves. It is also good for self-esteem, when people feel good about themselves remember? It is also helpful with trust and confidence. It says if you have one, it can always help you speak from the heart. It can even banish doubts and bring forth inner beauty.”

“That sounds PERFECT for her!” he exclaimed, and then tugged on her sleeve. As the woman got closer and leaned her head to him as he held a hand to his mouth, he whispered excitedly, “I’m going to ask her to be my Valentine.” “Is that so?” she whispered back. “We better get 2 of those then so she knows you’re serious.” She winked at her son and he gasped and ran in place while winking back, grabbing another heart, one for each hand.

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