District Manager

Rebecca Piper-Graham comes to us after a 3-year stint of living in California, whereas previously she had lived in Wisconsin and is originally from Saugerties, New York just outside of Woodstock. She learned most of her knowledge from her Father and Grandmother, as well as a small group of folks who formed a private self-sustaining community on the banks of the Hudson. Brought up at the base of the Catskill Mountains, she has enjoyed outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, and nature conservation.

Experiencing childhood surrounded by Game Wardens, DNR Officers, and Conservationist, her knowledge of the ecosystems and plant vs animal relationship has brought her to the Apothecary to expand her appreciation and learn more about the Midwest Regional efforts and environments. Having a degree in Law Enforcement and education in Molecular Biology and Cellular Chemistry, she is also a former certified First Responder, First Aid and Lifesaver Instructor, Communication Specialist, Field Training Officer, FEMA level 1 certified, HAZMAT Instructor and Blood Borne Pathogens. She conducted all of these while being a State Safety Coordinator for 600 Officers in WI.  In her free time, she practices bush woman/survivalism, medieval weapons training, and reads scientific studies of chemical analysis of natural derivations of medically constituents as well as Theoretical Physics papers.

“Since childhood I have always wanted to be a medical examiner and once I experienced it, I had a revelation that maybe I could prevent certain things from coming about. Being at the Apothecary has helped me realize the reward in doing just that, making sure people can keep smiling and stay healthier brings me more peace of mind. Learning how the medical applications of the plants affect the body and enhance it through natural means is fascinating and I like being able to explain to folks how things work. Then, they have the logic and information to make the right decision for themselves, and know exactly how to use a product to get the best benefit from it.”