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Fall "Transition" Bundle

Fall "Transition" Bundle

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Included in our Fall Bundle Special Editions are an assortment of wonderful products to keep you  Filled with a variety of our products for encouraging a cozy and healthy transition of the season. We've included items for health maintainance and immune protection. This over $75 value is your at 20% off. 


Includes: Elderberry Elixir Tincture, Cold and Congestion solid inhalent, Travel-Sized Anti Plague Spray, A Cedarwood Essential Oil (one of our choice), Fireside Spice Spray for body or room, a red jasper stone, and a random tea sample of our choosing (Herbal Chocolate Chai shown for picture). You also get to choose your disk to match your mood! You can use it as a coaster, charging disk, crystal grid, or decoration.  Choose from Sacred Grid or Geometric 6 Point in the dropdown option before adding to your cart. 


*4 carnellian are show to display the range of colours of the stone. You will recieve a single hand-picked stone just for you! 

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