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Metal Tea Strainers

Metal Tea Strainers

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Metal Tea Strainers

The original loose leaf infuser material to hold your ingredients in place. Use to steep in the cup you will sip with delight. In traditional ball, innovative stick, tong, basket insert, or fine mesh with a plunger. Whichever you pick, enjoy the ease of handles or chains to dunk away while you wait. 

Ball: The original style that stands the test of time. Attached chain makes it easier to remove from cup and gives a little more room for expanding teas to do their magic. 

Tong: measure perfectly each time without spills. Insert in your bag or tea canister, open and fill. Once you close it and remove, out it into your cup. No mess and only 1 peice so less to lose in the dishwasher or drawer!

Plunger: Get the most out of your medicinal blends with this fine mesh strainer that lets you drink to the last drop. Once done steeping, depress plunger to press the last of the tea out. Makes for easier clean up as well, once the tea is compressed it can be removed faster without as much sticking inside. 

Wand: Self-measuring and more portable than the rest. The mesh pulls back to scrape any tea off the inside. From there, it is just an easy rinse after emptying. One piece means nothing to lose in the dishwasher!

Basket: For those who crave a full pot at the end of the day. Fits into most traditional styles. Doubles use for a single cup too. Larger opening makes cleaning a breeze. 

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