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Wise Woman Tea

Wise Woman Tea

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Wise Woman Tea--

This unique tea blend filled with medicinal herbs is great for every female, especially mature women in their third phase of life.  We produce this tea hoping to provide support to all females.

Flavor Notes: 

  • earthy

Directions: Place one heaping tablespoon of dried herbs into a tea bag. Place into mug,tea cup,or non metal pot, and pour 1 cup of boiling water over the herbs. Let them steep covered for 5-10 minutes


  • menopausal support
  • heart health
  • irregular periods
  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • relaxation
  • prevents calcium loss

Ingredients: Motherwort, Nettle, Sage, Lemon Balm, Vitex, Mugwort, Horsetail

Available In: Full Size (1 oz) and Sample (.25 oz)

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