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Worm Wood

Worm Wood

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In the 19th century a, bright green drink was made from Wormwood and other herbs which became extremely fashionable with the Avant-garde. This concoction had a very high thujone content (a nerve poison) and it soon became evident that Absinth got its adherents more than just a little tipsy. Numerous painters, writers, and musicians succumbed to the allure of the green fairy and beyond the threshold between genius and madness. Absinth soon became illegal and still remains so in most countries.


Of course, Wormwood also has an ancient history as a sacred herb and powerful medicine. Used appropriately, in the right amounts, it can indeed be very beneficial.



  • natural insect/slug repellant
  • keeping weeds down (well-established plants only)
  • burn for purification
  • spiritual baths
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